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I did it!

Today was my TEDx Edina talk.

There is something to be shared about the Lebanese approach to multi-religious co-existance, that could help eliminate prejudice against Muslims here in America. In my talk, I highlighted what I beleive are solutions in that direction for us here at home in the US.

I am so thankful for this great opportunity sharing my “Lebanese approach to help eliminate prejudice against Muslims here in the US”.

Thank you God for the boundless blessings and for choosing me as means to spread peace and understanding in my state.

Thank you #TEDxEdina for amplifying our community’s voices and spreading our ideas. Thank you Barbara La Valleur for your continuous encouragement and support. I also want to thank my husband and daughter for being there for me and putting up with me through this process. Thank you Rauda, Raghda, Nausheen and Farah for being there for my moment and sharing my highs and lows. Finally, thank you all my FB friends and blog followers for all your advices, support and for believing in my message.

A lot of work ahead.

I am sharing the online video and I would love to hear your feedback on it

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