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The intersection of inclusion

Signature keynote

So many factors contribute to a person’s leadership journey. Being a woman, a mother, a Muslim, and a Middle Eastern has shaped Hanadi’s lived experience in America. In describing her leadership journey, everyone can relate to the complexity of racial identification and its implications. At the intersection of all these identities our understanding of life is formed and challenges are defined. In this speech, the audience will be inspired by Hanadi’s resilience and will learn to embrace the challenges of standing strong and unapologetic in one’s own identity and its rewarding results.


Speak up! Speak Out

This keynote is created with youth in mind. It addresses the challenges and opportunities of advocates in schools and universities. From starting your own journey, defining your purpose, communicating your message effectively and building a strong network of supporters in order to make a change on an international level. In this uplifting keynote, Hanadi takes the audience through her leadership journey in pioneering courageous conversations and showing people the way to show up authentically and unapologetically themselves. 

Being Muslim in America

What has the Muslim American experience been? Is there just one?
This presentation features Hanadi’s personal story as a former branding professional that has seen her faith being hijacked by terrorists in the media and her efforts to “rebrand Islam”. The topic also describes the intersection between Muslims and the larger community. This presentation is aimed for a general and better understanding of the Islamic faith and the people that adhere to it, Muslims.

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This talk is a leadership development topic that tackles dealing with biases from a different perspective. It invites the audience to look at their disadvantaged situation differently and empowers them in their position to trigger change from within.

Drawing from her personal story Hanadi will tap into strength points that can turn weaknesses into advantages and present qualities that change perceptions and trigger transformation at work.

This is resilience in action!

High Fives

Navigating religious beliefs in the workplace can be tricky. Employers want to advocate for religious freedom but find it hard to do so without privileging one group over the other. What are the parameters through which religious people feel embraced without disrupting the work
environment? Is a lack of accommodation affecting the business’s bottom line? All of these questions will be
addressed as part of this presentation on religions in the

This presentation is industry-specific: healthcare, fashion, community services, banking, etc. It starts with an introduction to the main issues that concern and relate to the Muslim community in that specific industry. It then presents a basic understanding of Muslims and addresses some of the accommodations that should be taken into consideration to enrich the Muslim-client experience. The presentation then tackles some latest statistics and presents some successful and unsuccessful campaigns that
brands and organizations have implemented to target and engage that target-market

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