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How to achieve a Muslim-Inclusive workplace in just 12 weeks

Create a company environment where no one is left behind

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What you'll learn

This webinar will take you through the bitter reality of workplace biases and challenge your ability to deal with shocking facts related to the Muslim work experience in America. Implicit and explicit biasess against Muslims exist in almost every company and it's only a matter of time before this turns into a big problem that you have to deal with. This webinar will tackle three misconceptions you have about Muslims and their potential consequences and take you through practical steps that you can implement in order to become a company that cares to nurture a global mindset and seeks to explore every single employee's maximum potential. 

about Hanadi

Named “World-Class Peacekeeper” and “Everyday Hero” by the Star Tribune, Hanadi is a public speaker and media professional. She is a Human Rights Award recipient from the city of Eden Prairie for her efforts in dismantling misconceptions about Islam and building bridges of unity.


She has been featured in the Star Tribune for her community building projects and had been published The Washington Times, the Huffington Post, The Star Tribune, MinnPost, The Guthrie Theater, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and recently Cosmopolitan magazine and Pantsuit Nation book.


Hanadi is also a U.S. State Department international speaker and a TEDx speaker.



Hanadi is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Leadership at St Thomas University while changing perceptions in the corporate world as a keynote speaker and diversity trainer. Her recent session at the National SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference and Exposition on demystifying Islam and Muslims, her contribution as a panelist at The Multicolored Women’s National Conference and her upcoming luncheon with The National Diversity Council attest to her caliber and outspokenness.


Stephanie Kibler

Hanadi is truly a bridge builder. She did an amazing job bringing awareness of what it means to be Muslim in Minnesota and dispelled some of the anxieties that we may have. Hanadi made the discussion seem effortless. People are still talking about what a wonderful, information presentation she gave.

Meetings and Events Manager


Steele County Historical Society

Amy Kennedy

I met Hanadi at a conference last year and reached out to her for help with an article on Ramadan for staff at East Tennessee Children's Hospital. Hanadi went above and beyond by recording a video testimonial that I could share with my staff about small ways to make our Muslim community feel welcome and accommodate their specific needs. I recommend Hanadi highly for her kindness, professionalism, and practical help.

Diversity and Inclusion Council Chair, Staff Development Specialist

Children's Hospital

Liz Weir

Hanadi is quietly passionate about her faith. She draws from a deep well of knowledge, much of it gleaned as she sought to live more fully within Islam. She is articulate, sharing much of her personal journey, at times serious and at others, amusing. Open to all questions, some lodged in a hostile tone, Hanadi responds in a thoughtful and balanced manner.

Event Organizer

The Study Group

Susan Osterbauer

“What a wonderful way to start my morning. I went home that night and shared what I learned with my family. My takeaway is that I have a better understanding and respect for Muslims' beliefs and no longer feel uncomfortable asking questions about Islam” 

Executive Assistant



 Land O’Lakes, Inc. 

Susan Fletcher

I would like to give you the most positive possible feedback and thanks for the really superb presentation. She received a standing ovation at the end, which was much deserved! This is just the kind of information that should be as widely shared as possible, to dispel some of the misconceptions some people may have about Muslims in our communities

Program Chair




Arnie Bigbee

I've watched Hanadi participate in presentations to public groups. She presents information with clarity and expression. She is especially inviting for members of the audience to ask questions. Very poised and professional.

Independent Associate and  

Business Specialist 



Michael Furman

Education is the best root to a peaceful world and fair treatment.  This was a wonderful and broad explanation of issues.  I feel better equipped to deal with this in the future.  

HR Consultant



Excellis Health Solutions

Hannah Bozzo

Hanadi emphasized the message of diversity and inclusion, which was the reminder to always ensure you're behaving and speaking in a way that includes everyone around you. This is the message I want to remember from the presentation and use in everyday life, as well as my current HR role.

Human Resources Business Partner Specialist


Sleep Number Corporation

Kim Olson 

Hanadi addressed sometimes uncomfortable subject matter with honesty, humility and humor. In today’s world, we need to be learning more and more about one another. I, for one, would line up to learn from her

Vice President of Communications



 Land O’Lakes

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