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How Patriotic are the Anti-Muslim Rallies? And how Free are they?

In a claim of exercising their constitutional right, a group of bikers, hikers and drunkards are calling on people in the name of love for freedom to protest near local mosques in 20 cities across America, on Saturday October 10th, 2015.

It is amazing that this protest contradicts, in essence, the constitution that it pretends to defend. And while it is the protesters’ right to state their opinions and express their hate, they are doing so contradicting the values for which they claim to stand.

The freedom to bear arms originated from the need to defend one’s own territory and stand strong in the face of self-defense. These protesters are obviously not defending themselves against anything that actually exists in those mosques. They are primarily attempting, and failing, to terrorize Muslims in their own place of worship. They are using weapons to project hostility and aggression.

While terrorizing Muslims, they are actually attempting, and failing, to stop them from practicing their constitutional right to practice their religion. So in claiming they are standing up for their own freedom of speech, they are hindering other people’s freedom of worship. They hate our freedom! (I always wanted to say that stupid sentence)

In case we want to play the nasty game that’s being played: what does this protest say about their ideology, based in the Christian faith? What message are they affiliating their religion with? Hate, terror, violence in the name of peace, therefore contradicting and hypocritical in nature? Are they really acting on the teachings of Christianity?

Muslims are not stupid enough to paint a whole nation, let alone, faith with one brush. With Muslims interaction with Christians in the workplace, in the neighborhoods, they have known better and are able to discern between what some Christians do. But do these people, or their supporters, do the same? Do they know the difference between Islam and Muslims? Do they make any effort to get to know a Muslim person? Have they ever considered getting to the source?

And guess what? Neither did ISIS. The two groups have similar hate ideologies. The main difference between them is that, thankfully, in America there is a tightened security forces and police officers protecting the rights of everyone and making sure these events are outlets for people’s opinions that hopefully end peacefully.

Can you contemplate for a moment what would happen if there was no police on the ground in those 20 cities and how easily it would turn into a domestic tragedy in the name of Patriotism?

For what concerns Muslims, this is the time to start the conversation. People are at our door, knocking with what looks like a gun, but is actually fear. This is the time to step up and let people in. Allow doubters to attend our lectures, witness our prayers and observe our practices. Let’s build those bridges that we never really built!

This is a perfect place to fulfill on the verses that say, “Good deeds and evil deeds cannot be equal. So give up evil for what is better. Then verily, he, between whom and you, was hatred, will become like your friend and close companion. And no one will be granted such goodness except those who use patience and self-control, such are the people of great fortune.” [41.34-41.35 Quran]

These are our Islamic teaching!

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