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It is about time Americans wash the blood off their hands!

It is in the Middle East, so why should you care? A very legitimate question. You cannot possibly care about every single problem in the world. Americans have their own problems after all, and to some extent, it is true. The only difference in this specific problem in Gazza, is that every single American is actively participating in the killing of innocent civilians, demolition of houses, dismantlement of families, and violation of every possible human right.

The fact is, the American government spends over 3 billion dollars in Direct Aid to Israel, and between 12-17 billion in Indirect Aid such as military equipment, that is in addition to 10 billion in loan guarantees. The cost of America’s relationship to Israel today is likely to be in excess of $5 trillion, or $16k per American.

Next time you hear a breaking news, that is if they ever report what is actually happening on the ground, and see burnt children and covered bodies, you might actually want to add your own signature on the coffin.

This is an open invitation for people to read the facts and investigate about a major injustice that is being committed in the world today in your own name, with your own money. The least you can do about it is step out of your little perfect world, become informed, and make the people you know aware of what is going on, then shout out “NOT IN MY NAME!”.

I have never seen more compassionate people than Americans. They are true believers with sincere concern to fellow citizens. This is the time to stand up for a population that is under attack with almost nothing to fight back with, except some big boy homemade toys.

Your silence is deadly… Literally!

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